Housing Regeneration: Strengthening Communities

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In a context where urbanisation and economic inequity economic disparities are increasing the housing challenge takes on unprecedented dimensions creating urban policy questions
around the globe. The level of housing pressures, particularly concerning affordable housing, is intensifying. From favela upgrading in Brazil, to the housing crisis affecting the Western World, to the informal settlements and dilapidated inner-city dwellings in many cities in Africa and Asia and the Pacific, interventions in the rehabilitation of the existent housing stocks challenge land and urban policies, socio-economic inequality, models of financing and
the privatization of the public domain.

The focus of the 2015 WTPD online conference will be to showcase and celebrate such plans and policies around the world. We seek examples of projects, tools and programs that:

  • have achieved measurable improvements towards housing regeneration
  • can be replicated around the world to address similar issues in other communities
  • are inclusive and engage with all sectors of the community.


  • 31 August: Abstracts for papers
  • August / September: Acceptance notified
  • September: Call for registrations
  • 30 September: Full papers due
  • Late October: Speaker training sessions
  • 4-6 November: Conference