Join us for the 5th Annual World Town Planning Day Online Conference!

Professional planning associations from around the world come together annually to celebrate World Town Planning Day with an international online conference.  This year’s theme is water!


Planning professionals all over the world have all had to deal with water- related challenges: flood, drought, climate change, supply shortages, or demand management. How our profession responds has a significant impact on the future of our communities.

This Online Conference will bring together ideas from around the world about how we plan for communities in response to water-related issues. We have speakers that provide perspectives a wide range of multi-disciplinary material. We will offer insights to help improve the built environment - our cities, towns, rural communities – and the natural environment.

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14.75 CM credits have been

approved for this conference.


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University of the Free State

Universiteit van die Vrystaat

Yunivesithi ya Freistata

(Republic of South Africa)