In April 2014, thousands of participants in World Urban Forum 7 gathered at Medellín, Colombia, culminating in the WUF7 Declaration calling for ‘urban plans and policies that link current urban development with future needs, and that are solidly grounded in the fundamental principles of equity, justice and human rights’.

The focus of the 2014 Online Conference for World Town Planning Day (WTPD) will be to showcase and celebrate such plans and policies around the world. 


  • How do we develop programmes and policies that address the needs of marginalized groups?
  • How do we strengthen civic engagement amongst marginalized people? 


  • How can urban governance contribute to social cohesion?
  • How can we improve co-operation and co-ordination between different levels of government?


  • Can laws/regulation/statutory instruments enhance equality in urban areas?
  • Can planning laws mitigate the exclusionary effects often created by planning laws?


  • How can we use the power of technology to foster social cohesion?
  • What innovations have been put into practice to increase information and knowledge transfer to communities?


  • What factors impede grassroots participation in development programmes?
  • How can we encourage grassroots participation in governance?


  • Privatisation of public spaces - whose right to the city spaces?
  • Public and active transport - are they vehicles for equality?


A chance to explain ideas that didn't quite work out, or had unexpected results.


These themes may change slightly in response to the scope and scale of papers accepted for the Online Conference.