2014 Conference Recordings

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Conference opening and keynotes

Remy Sietchiping UN-HABITAT

Social Cohesion in the new sustainable development goals (SDGs): The view from UN-HABITAT

Rachelle Alterman

Planning Laws, Development Controls and Social Disparities: What Should Be Unlearned


Session 1: Inclusivity I

Sonia de Gregorio Hurtado

Key factors in the introduction and implementation of gender sensitive planning in Vienna - The crucial policy elements to achieve a city for all


Session 2: Methods I

Fernando Murillo

The “Compass” of urban planning: A participatory methodology for city-wide slum upgrading and prevention based on a human rights approach.

Arthur Acheson

Civic Stewardship Techniques In Placemaking


Session 3: Empowerment I

Erik Lees & Katy Amon

Toronto’s Natural Environment Trail Strategy: How a high tech, high touch consultation process created ownership and access to low/no cost recreation for millions.

Adam Beck

The Ingredients for Sticky Urban Governance - Let's Cook!


Session 4: Legal Framework

Dorit Garfunkel

Condominium Laws in the Time of High-Rise Condominiums: A Threat or an Opportunity for Social Cohesion?

Michelle Oren

Are constitutionally anchored housing rights an instrument for decreasing urban global inequality?


Session 5: Unintended consequences: Risks and uncertainties

Greg Morrow

The Dark Side of Social Capital: How Bottom-Up Community Planning Exacerbated Spatial Inequality in Los Angeles

Beverly A. Sandalack & Francisco Alaniz Uribe

Hospitality in the City


Mid-conference Keynote

William Chandler

Planning in the 21st century – from the sublime to the ridiculous


Session 6: Grassroots I

Rojan Mohammadi

Moving a Market: The Political Economy of Planning in Iraqi Kurdistan

Shashi Tindwani

Enhancing Community Participation in Urban Planning


Session 7: Inclusivity II

Suryakant Verma

Impact of land tenure on housing and basic services – The case of Jaipur city slums

Célida I. Gómez Gámez

Fostering children's participation in open space development; urban design and planning strategies


Session 8: Methods II

Saba Haie

Rethinking Transportation Planning: Citizen Participation and Inner-Suburban Social Justice in Toronto

Nathan Marom

Can City Visions Advance Social Cohesion? An Evaluation from Mumbai and Cape Town


Session 9: Grassroots II

Kojo Fordjour

The Ejisu Visioning Project

Silvia Perez Bou

Does public participation in urban regeneration contribute to social cohesion?


Session 10: Access - Shaping of Local Spaces I

Laurel Johnson & Sonia Roitman

Inclusive Local Practices to Welcome Asylum Seekers: lessons from Brisbane, Australia

Victoria Okoye

Re-imagining the public’s space: Incorporating the dynamism of social spaces into public space planning in Accra, Ghana


Session 11: Inclusivity III

Francois Wüst & Michael Krause

An approach to social inclusion, safer cities and urban upgrading - the VPUU programme in the Western Cape Province in South Africa.

Rebecca Retzlaff, Jay Mittal & Sweta Byahut

The Revitalization Plan for Peacock Place, Montgomery, Alabama


Session 12 Access - Shaping of Local Spaces II

Luis Alfonso Saltos Espinoza

The Social Struggle for Public Spaces in Guayaquil, Ecuador


Session 13: Strategies and Tactics

Kourosh Rad & Sebastián Salazar

Tactical Engagement: how to organize an inclusive and comprehensive engagement session in 4 hours

Shannon Clarke

Equity Planning: The Love Child of Planning & Public Health


Closing keynote and discussion

Genie Birch

Enhancing Social Cohesion in Cities